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  • Flat Spray Nozzles
  • Flat Spray Nozzles
Flat Spray NozzlesFlat Spray Nozzles

Flat Spray Nozzles

  • Product description: Flat Spray Nozzles
flat fan nozzles stand for uniform liquid distribution and jet pressures. Particularly powerful jets are generated with spray angles up to 60°. Nozzles with small flow rates are especially suited for humidifying and spraying in general. The flow geometry of the nozzle allows to produce accurate, compact jets.
  • Typically used for cleaning, degreasing and fire protection
  • Produce flat or sheet-type spray pattern
  • Spray angles available from 0º (solid stream) to 110º; solid stream provides highest impact per unit area
  • Specially tapered spray pattern is ideal for use in manifolds and headers

  • Small to medium drops
  • Wide choice of styles, spray angles, flow rates and materials

Common materials
303, 316, Brass, PVC, PTFE

Image is representative only, actual part may vary.

Common Applications
Spray agitation
Spraying eliminator plates
Cooling conveyor belts
Foam knockdown
Film washing
Water curtain
Fire protection

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