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  • Full cone nozzles
  • Full cone nozzles
Full cone nozzlesFull cone nozzlesFull cone nozzles

Full cone nozzles

  • Product description: Full cone nozzles

It is differentiated between axial full cone nozzles and tangential full cone nozzles. Axial full-cone nozzles achieve a uniform distribution of liquid over a circular area. Tangential full cone nozzles work without swirling and are therefore particularly non-clogging.

The full cone pattern delivers a relatively even coverage of fluid over a set area.  It should be remembered that the full cone pattern will only be maintained for a certain distance from the orifice, after which the spray generally forms a fog or mist.  The designs of nozzle described in this section are such that a genuine full cone pattern is maintained for as far as possible after exit.  If a homogeneous mist/fog is required then a misting pattern nozzle should be considered instead.


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